The joints of the human skeleton remain healthy if they operate within a “safe zone”, wherein the quantity and quality of motion have limits that the joints can withstand. When those limits are exceeded, too much motion and/or too much stress will lead to degeneration of the joints and will result in pain. The same is true of too little motion and/or too little stress, which can also cause degeneration and result in pain. When one spinal segment begins to degenerate, the adjacent segments experience a change in motion and stress. Thus begins a cascade of degeneration along the spine.

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FlexBACTM and FlexSuReTM are each aimed at restoring proper motion and stability to an affected human spine. FlexBACTM is intended for the surgical treatment of a severely degenerated disc and is designed to prevent degeneration of the associated facet joints and adjacent spinal segments. FlexSuReTM is to be applied to a spinal segment earlier in the degenerative process to encourage restoration of the segment and also to prevent the start of a degenerative cascade.

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